Krator Led Bulb Load Resistors Flash Turn Signal Fix For Harley Davidson Road King Classic Screamin Eagle

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Specifications:LED BULB LOAD RESISTORS FLASHERS TURN SIGNAL FIXSome bikes may need a flash rate controller to bring the flash rate down to normal.8 Ohm, 25 WattCondition: 100% Brand NewQuantity: 1 pair prewired resistersTurn Signal Fix This 8 Ohm, 25 Watt resistors can be connected across the turn signal bulbs to simulate the load of a regular filament bulb (2 Amp load). This will solve LED related turn signal problems such as hyper flashing, no flashing or burnt out bulb indications. One resistor is required for each turn signal bulb.Installation Instructions: The resistor wires have male and female ends for easy plug and play action. Insert the postive and negative wires to the LED bulb, and the other + and - wires to the motorcycles turn signal wires. One pair per motorcycle.Fitment: Harley Davidson Road King Classic Screamin Eagle