Genuine Leather Motorcycle Riders full finger gloves

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Style classic low-key simple! Very cool!
The finger joints have the shell (carbon fiber)!
Scope: car car car cruise sheep retro car motorcycle leather manufacturer for the spring and so on!
Autumn festival!
Characteristics: style simple, classic and stylish, cost-effective application models, the biggest feature is the hand
Feeling super good!
The back of the back of the main joint protection is a little wrinkles! Does not affect the use and beautiful, because the little calf skin elasticity is good
So in the process of pressing some products appear due to the wrinkles of the skin elasticity, so these are not

Product:leather gloves Porosity
Material: leather
Applicable gender: neutral / men and women can be
Size: S, M, L, XL, XXL,3XL,4XL
Color: Black(Breathable),Black&Black(Airtight)

S:palm width 7.5CM(2.95 inch)/Palm circumference 16-17CM(6.3-6.7 inch)/Finger long 7.5CM(2.95 inch)
M:palm width 8.5CM(3.4 inch)/Palm circumference 18-19CM(7.1-7.5 inch)/Finger long 8CM(3.2 inch)
L:palm width 9.5CM(3.7 inch)/Palm circumference 20-21CM(7.9-8.3 inch)/Finger long 8.3CM(3.3 inch)
XL:palm width 11CM(4.3 inch)/Palm circumference 22-23CM(8.7-9.1 inch)/Finger long 8.8CM(3.5 inch)
2XL:palm width 12CM(4.7 inch)/Palm circumference 24-25CM(9.5-9.8 inch)/Finger long 9CM(3.5 inch)
3XL:palm width 13CM(5.1 inch)/Palm circumference 25-26CM(9.8-10.2 inch)/Finger long 9.2CM(3.6 inch)
4XL:palm width 13.5CM(5.3 inch)/Palm circumference 26-27CM(10.2-10.6 inch)/Finger long 9.4CM(3.7 inch)

Product list
1 Pair * gloves (Breathable Or Airtight)

As the production cost of this product is relatively high, the shop all the costs are used in the product itself, make the greatest efforts to make the product better, so the packaging may not be very beautiful, but the product is absolutely very good!
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